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Whether it’s fostering your child’s education in their earliest years, or setting them up for success as they prepare for university, MathemaTech is here to assist in every step of the way! Our one-on-one programs are designed with various curricula across Canada in the U.S. in mind. Click any of the courses on the right to learn more.

Test Preparation

From dreaded entrance exams to exciting but nerve-wracking math Olympiads, we’re here to help students prepare for any type of test and ensure they can achieve the best results they can. Our tailored programs target areas where students require the most assistance, through the use of effective study strategies rather than rote memorization.

Other Academic

But that’s not all! MathemaTech offers a vast array of additional academic services such as essay proofreading, homework verification, and specialized study courses! The possibilities are endless, simply contact us to find something suiting your needs!